Monthly Archives: July 2016

Cusperland Theme Park Clock

A cherished memento that will remind you of the Hellaciously Grand Time you and your family had at Cusperland. Featuring the Cusperland Family of characters, Jiggidy Jagity(aka Jaggidy), Junker “the cat butt sniffing” dog, Skeezer Rabbit, Wife Beater Badger and of course everyone’s favorite Jeeter Squirrel. These characters won the hearts of millions in the 1920s, in those simpler times when violence and general misogyny were staples of American cinema. Today the Cusperland Family of characters are welcomed into houses all over the world. Isn’t it time that you had them in your home?

Jeeter Squirrel – Warhol Style

For the first time ever you can wear a piece of Cusperland history!  Cusperland Studios presents the Warhol Style Jeeter Squirrel.    Jeeter Squirrel ‘s started  from  humble beginnings as everyone’s favorite snaggletoothed, one eyed, violent, black & white 1920’s cartoon character whose pluck and catchphrase “Goooo Fuck Yourself!”  inspired millions of Americans during the depths of the Great Depression.    Today Jeeter is the face of Cusperland and greets billions of visitors who come to the Cusperland Theme Park every year.   This postmodern, Warhol Style, Interpretation is one of three limited edition designs celebrating Jeeter Squirrel  “Through The Years.”    Available as a limited edition giclee print in our art catalogue, you can, for a fraction of that cost, wear the T-Shirt version.    Show you Cusperland pride and your Jeeter Squirrel Spirit today!